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Ti Chelsea Football Club ket di nga pagsasao nga Ingles nga ay-ayam nasa lumaud nga Londres. Pannakabangon idi 1905, ayam a Premier League nga Ingles ken di ket adda nga moste ya sila nga pakasaritaan nasa top tier iti football nga Ingles.

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The first Chelsea team in September 1905

Chelsea were founded on March 10, 1905 at The Rising Sun pub (now The Butcher's Hook),[1] opposite the present-day main entrance to the ground on Fulham Road, and were elected to the Football League shortly afterwards. The club's early years saw little success; the closest they came to winning a major trophy was reaching the 1915 FA Cup Final, where they lost to Sheffield United. Chelsea gained a reputation for signing big-name players[2] and for being entertainers, but made little impact on the English game in the inter-war years.

Former Arsenal and England centre-forward Ted Drake became manager in 1952 and proceeded to modernise the club. He removed the club's Chelsea pensioner crest, improved the youth set-up and training regime, rebuilt the side, and led Chelsea to their first major trophy success — the League championship — in 1954–55. The following season saw UEFA create the European Champions' Cup, but after objections from The Football League and the FA Chelsea were persuaded to withdraw from the competition before it started.[3]

Stamford Bridge[urnosen | urnosen ti taudan]

Ti Stamford Bridge West Stand – Papasok.

The Stamford Bridge freehold, the pitch, the turnstiles and Chelsea's naming rights are now owned by Chelsea Pitch Owners, a non-profit organisation in which fans are the shareholders. The CPO was created to ensure the stadium could never again be sold to developers. As a condition for using the Chelsea FC name, the club has to play its first team matches at Stamford Bridge, which means that if the club moves to a new stadium, they may have to change their name.[4] Chelsea's training ground is located in Cobham, Surrey. Chelsea moved to Cobham in 2004. Their previous training ground in Harlington was taken over by QPR in 2005.[5] The new training facilities in Cobham were completed in 2007.[6]

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Roman Abramovich

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