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<br />{{ALB}}<ref>[ ''Akin-daya a Europa iti gibus ti maika-20 a siglo'', Ian Jeffries, p. 69]</ref><br />{{AUS}}<ref name="">[ Australian Bureau of Statistics 2006]</ref><br />{{ITA}}<ref>Helleniko a Republika: Ministry of Foreign Affairs: [ Italia: Ti Griégo a Komunidad]</ref><br />{{FRA}}<ref>Hellenic Republic: Ministry of Foreign Affairs: [ France: The Greek Community]</ref><br />{{RUS}}<ref>Norwegian Institute of International Affairs: Centre for Russian Studies: [ 2002 census]</ref><br />{{GER}}<ref name="Globe2">[ Greeks around the Globe] (they are quoting the statistics of the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad as on [ Oktubre 12, 2004])</ref><br />{{ARM}}<br />{{TUR}}<ref>However according to the [[Human Rights Watch]] the Greek population in Turkey is estimated at 2,500 in 2006. [ "From “Denying Human Rights and Ethnic Identity” series of Human Rights Watch"] Human Rights Watch, 2 Hulio 2006.</ref><br />{{USA}}<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=
C04003. Total ancestry reported|publisher=[[United States Census Bureau]]|year=2008|accessdate=2009-11-01}}</ref><br />{{ROU}}<br />{{UKR}}

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