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Modulo:TaxonList (tungtungan · urnosen · pakasaritaan · silsilpo · dok · pagipadasan · pangsubok)

The purpose of this module is to provide support for a set of templates that produce a list of taxon names and their authorities, with the taxon names possibly italicized, wikilinked or emboldened. It allows these templates to have an indefinite number of arguments of the form taxonName1|authority1|taxonName2|authority2| ... |taxonNameN|authorityN. Templates supported are: {{Bold species list}}, {{Linked species list}}, {{Linked taxon list}}, {{Species list}} and {{Taxon list}}.

Panagusar[urnosen ti taudan]

The main function in this module must only be invoked from within a template that itself is transcluded from a page that supplies taxon name/authority pairs as arguments, since main picks up these arguments from the parent frame.


where PARAMETERS may be

  • italic – set to yes to italicize each taxon name
  • linked – set to yes to wikilink each taxon name
  • bold – set to yes to embolden each taxon name (also turns off wikilinking)
  • incomplete – set to yes to output "(incomplete)" at the end of the list

Dagiti pagarigan[urnosen ti taudan]

{{Taxon list}} contains {{#invoke:TaxonList|main|incomplete={{{incomplete|no}}}}}. Hence:

{{Taxon list |Asparagales|Bromhead |Iridales|Dumortier}}

  • Asparagales Bromhead
  • Iridales Dumortier

{{Linked species list}} contains {{#invoke:TaxonList|main|linked=yes|italic=yes|incomplete={{{incomplete|no}}}}}. Hence:

{{Linked species list |Poecilotheria fasciata|(Latreille, 1804) |Poecilotheria ornata|Pocock, 1899 |Poecilotheria rajaei|Nanayakkara et al., 2012 |incomplete=yes}}

This module provides the core functionality to a set of templates used to
display a list of taxon name/authority pairs, with the taxon names optionally
italicized, wikilinked and/or emboldened. Such lists are usually part of

-- use a function from Module:TaxonItalics to italicize a taxon name
local TaxonItalics = require("Modulo:TaxonItalics")

local p = {}

Utility function to strip off any initial † present to mark the taxon as
extinct. The † must not be italicized, emboldened, or included in the
wikilinked text, so needs to be added back afterwards.
† is assumed to be present as one of:
* the unicode character †
* the HTML entity †
* the output of {{extinct}} – this will have been expanded before reaching this
  module and is assumed to have the form '<span ... </span>'
The function returns two values: the taxon name with any † before it removed
and either '†' if it was present or the empty string if not.
function p.stripDagger(taxonName)
	local dagger = ''
	if mw.ustring.sub(taxonName,1,1) == '†' then
		taxonName = mw.ustring.sub(taxonName,2,#taxonName)
		dagger = '†'
		if string.sub(taxonName,1,8) == '&dagger;' then
			taxonName = string.sub(taxonName,9,#taxonName)
			dagger = '†'
			-- did the taxon name originally have {{extinct}} before it?
			if (string.sub(taxonName,1,5) == '<span') and mw.ustring.find(taxonName, '†') then
				taxonName = string.gsub(taxonName, '^.*</span>', '', 1)
				dagger = '†'
	return taxonName, dagger

The function returns a list of taxon names and authorities, appropriately
|italic = yes - to italicize the taxon name
|linked = yes - to wikilink the taxon name
|bold = yes - to emboldent the taxon name
|incomplete = yes - to output "(incomplete)" at the end of the list
The template that transcludes the invoking template must supply an indefinite
even number of arguments in the format
|Name1|Author1 |Name2|Author2| ... |NameN|AuthorN
function p.main(frame)
	local italic = frame.args['italic'] == 'yes'
	local bold = frame.args['bold'] == 'yes'
	local linked = frame.args['linked'] == 'yes'
	if bold then linked = false end -- must not have bold and wikilinked
	local incomplete = frame.args['incomplete'] == 'yes'
	local taxonArgs = frame:getParent().args
	local result = ''
	-- iterate over unnamed variables
	local taxonName
	local dagger
	local first = true -- is this the first of a taxon name/author pair?
	for param, value in pairs(taxonArgs) do
		if tonumber(param) then
			if first then
				taxonName = mw.text.trim(value)
				-- if necessary separate any initial † from the taxon name
				if linked or italic or bold then
					taxonName, dagger = p.stripDagger(taxonName)
					dagger = ''
				if linked and not italic then
					taxonName = '[[' .. taxonName .. ']]'
				if italic then
					taxonName = TaxonItalics.italicizeTaxonName(taxonName, linked)
				if bold then
					taxonName = '<b>' .. taxonName .. '</b>'
				result = result .. '<li>' .. dagger .. taxonName
				result = result .. ' <small>' .. value .. '</small></li>'
			first = not first
	if incomplete then
		result = result .. '<small>(saan a kompleto a listaan)</small>'
	return '<ul style="plainlist">' .. result .. '</ul>'

return p