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100 nieuwste artikelen
  • 13:58, 1 Disiembre 2023Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo (hist | urnosen) ‎[36,562 dagiti byte]Banksyfuture (tungtungan | aramid) (Pinartuat ti panid iti "{{About|Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo|other uses of the term|Anna Mae (disambiguation)}} {{Infobox officeholder | name = Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo | image = Philippine Undersecretary Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo.jpg | caption = Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo (Portrait) | office1 = Undersecretary for Foreign Relations and Public Affairs & Spokesperson,<br/> Department of Information and Communications Technology<ref>{{cite news |last1=Ma...") Etiketa: Bisual a panagurnos: Sinukatan
  • 17:07, 13 Nobiembre 2023Night Owl: A Nationbuilder's Manual (hist | urnosen) ‎[13,175 dagiti byte]Amylamentillo (tungtungan | aramid) (Pinartuat ti panid iti " {{About|the 2021 memoir by Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo|other uses of the term|Night Owl (disambiguation)}}{{Infobox libro|name=Night Owl: A Nationbuilder’s Manual|image=NightOwlANationbuildersManualbyAnnaMaeYuLamentillo.jpg|caption=Book Cover|author=Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo|editor=AA Patawaran|illustrator=Isabella Concepcion, Christian John Santos|cover_artist=Jethro Razo|country=Philippines|language=English|series=A Nationbuilder's Memoir|subject=Autobiography <br /> P...") Etiketa: Bisual a panagurnos: Sinukatan