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Hello Jose,

I read your message. Do you speak and/or understand Ilokano? I am fluent, but probably not to the extent that I can do justice to the statements you wanted help in translation. Since these are Christian-missionary-type of statements, they probably need more of a poetic translation than the purely academic, encyclopedic one that I can do, which is what's required for Wikipedia, but it would not have the same emotional impact that the English version have. You are also asking an ex-Christian and long-time Buddhist-Taoist convert, and although I read the bible time and again as a source of inspiration and a good read, (the Middle Eastern religions--Judaism and Christianity (the bible) and Islam (the koran) have great literature), my experience in evangelical literature is very limited. I don't know what the "Second Coming" would be other than literally translate it to Maikadua nga Iuumay. Or the Word who became flesh can be iti Sao a nagbalin nga lasag which sounds rather stupid. These are descriptive English passages that deserve descriptive Ilokano passages, that frankly I do not have the skill set, and if there's one thing I hate, it's mediocre translation of good English passages. The statements you provided are in line with something that Jehovah's Witnesses, or possibly Iglesia ni Kristo, would say, and these groups have Ilokano contingents. I suggest you contact them for really good Ilokano translation. They have websites, and actually, the Internet is full of other evangelical groups and sites that may be Ilokano-ready. Or try User:Saluyot who is a professional Iloko writer. His Ilokano writing is impeccable. I hope in some measure this helps. Good luck! Tarong 07:38, 25 Octobre 2006 (UTC)

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