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Augusto De Luca[urnosen ti taudan]

Augusto De Luca - crosswiki spam on small wikis but not en:Augusto De Luca?--Lam-ang(Makipatang) 22:50, 25 Marso 2014 (UTC)

Reply below is copied from my talk page for continuity.--Lam-ang(Makipatang) 14:59, 26 Marso 2014 (UTC)
Getting rid of promo on major wikis is a bit more complex. In short those two pages (bot userspace and main namespace article) have been created on *hundreds* of wikis by the same hired writer. --Vituzzu (tungtungan) 23:43, 25 Marso 2014 (UTC)
Thanks for the reply, as you probably noticed I undeleted the page in question as I had a hand in cleaning and expanding the article. I truly believe that articles in question such as this, if a local author or authors had a hand in cleaning and expanding it, it should warrant discussion first (or a {{delete}} tag would have been nice) prior to deletion by global sysops/stewards. If you believe and has proof that this article don’t belong in a Wikipedia and still needs to be deleted feel free to discuss at the article's discussion page and I suggest also that the same discussions be made on the big wikis so little wikis like us don’t go copying and translating them. Regards--Lam-ang(Makipatang) 14:59, 26 Marso 2014 (UTC)