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Kompigurasion para iti Modulo:ScribuntoUnit.

-- The cfg table, created by this module, contains all localisable strings and
-- configuration, to make it easier to port this module to another wiki.
local cfg = {} -- Do not edit this line.

-- The successIndicator and failureIndicator are in the first column of the
-- wikitable produced as output and indicate whether the test passed.  These two
-- strings are preprocessed by frame.preprocess.
-- successIndicator: if the test passes
-- failureIndicator: if the test fails
cfg.successIndicator = "{{kur-it}}"
cfg.failureIndicator = "{{ekis}}"

-- The names of the columns Name, Expected and Actual (the other three columns,
-- in this order)
cfg.nameString = "Nagan"
cfg.expectedString = "Manamnama"
cfg.actualString = "Pudno"

-- The string at the top used to indicate all tests passed.
cfg.successSummary = "Nakapasa amin a pangsubok."
-- The string at the top used to indicate one or more tests failed. $1 is
-- replaced by the number of tests that failed.  This string is preprocessed by
-- frame.preprocess.
cfg.failureSummary = "'''$1 {{PLURAL:$1|ti napaay a pangsubok|dagiti napaay a pangsubok}}'''."

-- Format string for a short display of the tests in displayResultsAsShort.
-- This format string is passed directly to string.format.
cfg.shortResultsFormat = "nagballigi: %d, biddut: %d, nalabsan: %d"

-- Category added to pages that fail one or more tests. Set to nil to disable
-- categorisation of pages that fail one or more tests.
cfg.failureCategory = "[[Kategoria:Dagiti napaay a panagsubok ti ScribuntoUnit]]"

-- Finally, return the configuration table.
return cfg -- Do not edit this line.