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עברית: סמל מדינת ישראל
العربية: شعار دولة إسرائيل
Deutsch: Wappen von Israel.
Français : Armoiries d'Israël
Русский: Герб Израиля
Українська: Герб Ізраїлю
Taudan symbol created in 1948.
Mannurat Original design by Max and Gabriel Shamir; Tonyjeff, based on national symbol.
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Public domain This work or image is now in the public domain because its term of copyright has expired in Israel (details). According to Israel's copyright statute from 2007 (translation), a work is released to the public domain on 1 January of the 71st year after the author's death (paragraph 38 of the 2007 statute) with the following exceptions:
  • A photograph taken on 24 May 2008 or earlier — the old British Mandate act applies, i.e. on 1 January of the 51st year after the creation of the photograph (paragraph 78(i) of the 2007 statute, and paragraph 21 of the old British Mandate act).
  • If the copyrights are owned by the State, not acquired from a private person, and there is no special agreement between the State and the author — on 1 January of the 51st year after the creation of the work (paragraphs 36 and 42 in the 2007 statute).

See also category: PD Israel & British Mandate.

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Flag of Israel.svg
This image shows a flag, an emblem, a coat of arms or some other official symbol which was declared a protected symbol in Israel. Regardless of copyright restrictions which may or may not exist on this design, it should be used according to the Israeli Flag, Emblem and Anthem Law (1949), or the Israeli Protection of Symbols Law (1974), and according to the ordinances promulgated pursuant to these two laws.

This tag does not indicate the copyright status of the attached work. A normal copyright tag is still required. See Commons:Licensing for more information.

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This coat of arms was created with ??.

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