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Ruy López de Villalobos

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Ruy López de Villalobos
Nayanakca. 1500
Málaga, Espania
NatayAbril 4, 1546 (tawen 45–46)
Ambon, Is-isla Maluku, Indonesia
Nakaam-ammuanIntedna ti nagan a Las Islas Filipinas iti Filipinas a kas pammadayaw kenni Felipe II ti Espania

Ni Ruy López de Villalobos (ca. 1500 – Abril 4, 1546) ket maysa idi nga eksplorador nga Espaniol a naglayag idiay Pasipiko manipud idiay Mehiko tapno mangbangon iti permanente a lugar para iti Espania kadagiti Daya nga India, nga asideg idi iti linia ti Demarkasion a pagbaetan ti Espania ken Portugal segun ti Tulag ti Zaragoza idi 1529. Ni Villalobos ti nangited iti nagan ti Filipinas, kalpasan iti panagtawagna iti Las Islas Filipinas a kas pammadayaw kenni Felipe ti Austria, ti Prinsipe ti Asturias iti dayta a panawen, ken isu ti kanungpalan a nagbalin a Felipe II ti Espania. Idi 1542 isu pay ti nakaduktal kadagiti grupo ti isla ti Pasipiko, kaaduan a mabalin daytoy a ti Hawaii, ngem insekreto met idi daytoy nga Espaniol.[1]

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  1. ^ Oskar Spate, "The Spanish Lake" (1979). Pages 108-109 (2004 edition): «On the maps of today the Hawaiian Islands lie so blatantly between the east and west-bound tracks of the Galleons, that it seems almost mandatory that some stray must have found them. The inference was first drawn by La Pérouse, who deduced from Spanish charts that islands named "La Mesa", "Los Majos", and "La Disgraciada", in the right latitude but too much far to the east were in fact the Hawaiian group, La Mesa ("the Table") in particular being the main island with the great table-massif of Mauna Loa; the error in longitude was put down to Spanish failure to allow for currents. On one such chart is a note saying that Juan Gaetan, who was with Villalobos in 1542, discovered the group, and named it Islas de Mesa, in 1555; unluckily this chart also gives Cook's name, the Sandwich Islands.»

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