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Need for stardard of spelling of Ilokano for this wiki[urnosen ti taudan]

Pardon for posting in English, the intent is for wider dissemination of this discussion which includes non speakers of the Ilokano language. Please join me here in discussing about the implemention of a standard for Ilokano spelling on this wiki, the implementation of this standard is not meant to justify which spelling is the official standard for all Ilokano speakers of the language, but to pick one just for this wiki. Some of the reasons for the need of this standard are located below:

Preventing too many redirects[urnosen ti taudan]

Depending on who is the editor and what spelling they agree on, a page could be redirected so many times that it's very hard to find pages and articles within this wiki, the most glaring example of this are spelling of dates. Here is an illustration. I'll be linking to pages I already know existed but use different spellings.

For example[urnosen ti taudan]

Note:All days of the calendar year already exist as pages on this wiki

  • example 1 Noviembre 25 - using one standard of spelling
  • example 2 Nobiembre 25 - using one based on translation of the MediaWiki software

The editor of the first example probably will create the page not knowing that the page already existed, having standard spelling hopefully prevents some of this occurrences.

Note also that many dates will show up as links and link to pages even with different spelling because of redirects, for example.

The spelling of dates will also show in different spelling using magic words as the system messages are translated in different spelling standard.

  • [[{{CURRENTMONTHNAME}}]] - translate to Enero but you can also link to Deciembre, because of redirect both links will land on the same page but if one editor disagrees with the spelling of the landing page it will probably get redirected, so redirecting of the page could go on forever.

Reduplicating existing pages[urnosen ti taudan]

Due to lack of standard spelling, common problems of this wiki is reduplication of pages, although no fault of the editors pages usually will get recreated due to spelling differences

For example[urnosen ti taudan]

The editor of example 2 will probably create the page not knowing the page already existed.

Preventing disagreements[urnosen ti taudan]

Creating a standard spelling for this wiki probably will not solve all the common problems of spelling and all the disagreements which spelling is the correct way but hopefully minimizes the disagreements so we can move forward in creating a great wiki that everyone will enjoy and be proud about. That being said as many of you may have already noticed, majority of the MediaWiki system messages are already translated using one standard, the modern starndard. The used of these standard is solely based on my own research and my own input alone. I tried to get the community involved before I translated the bulk of the messages but they were no takers. (see here and the discussion here).

I search high and low for a common standard spelling in Ilocano but came out empty, but there are two predominantly used standards of orthographic systems the older Spanish orthography and the newer system which uses the standard alphabet from the Tagalog language. Based on my own research I solely decided to translate and spell words based on literally works of Dr. Carl Rubino and using his writings as references. The spelling of this standard is based on a more modern spelling of words as being used in periodical like Bannawag and phoenemically based for consonants but not on vowels. I also took in consideration that Ilokano language is more closely related to Tagalog and Filipino language than Spanish and English as all three languages (Ilocano, Tagalog, Filipino) came from the same family the Austronesian languages, so some of the borrowed words from Spanish and English are spelled the they are in my writings because of this. Although our system of writing is now in latin form, I took also in consideration the old Ilokano system of writing the baybayin script on my decision which spelling to use, this system of writing already existed way before the Spaniards arrived. Many of the letters in latin form does not exist in baybayin for example letters C and F which are widely used in Ilokano Spanish orthograhpy and still widely in use today.

The decision I made were based on the items I mentioned above, I'm no orthograhic or literary expert so all constructive comments and suggestion are welcome!--Lam-ang(Makipatang) 19:56, 19 Disiembre 2011 (UTC)[reply]