Listaan dagiti napili a pagsasao ti estado ken territorio ti Estados Unidos

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Amin dagiti 50 nga estado ti Estados Unidos nga addaan kadagiti napili a pagsasao, ken para iti Distrito ti Columbia ken dagiti tallo a teritorio ti Estados Unidos.

Dagiti napili a pagsasao iti estado ken teritorio[urnosen | urnosen ti taudan]

Estado Napili a pagsasao Patarus iti Ingles Pagsasao Petsa Dagiti nagibasaran
 Alabama Audemus jura nostra defendere We dare defend our rights Latin 1923 [1]
 Alaska North to the future Ingles 1967 [2]
 American Samoa Samoa, Muamua Le Atua Samoa, let God be first Samoano 1973 [3]
 Arizona Ditat Deus God enriches Latin 1863 [4][5]
 Arkansas Regnat populus The people rule Latin 1907 [6][N 1]
 California Eureka (Εὕρηκα) I have found it Griego 1849 [7][N 2]
 Colorado Nil sine numine Nothing without the Deity Latin Nobiembre 5, 1861 [8]
 Connecticut Qui transtulit sustinet He who transplanted sustains Latin Oktubre 9, 1662 [9]
 Delaware Liberty and Independence Ingles 1847 [10]
 District of Columbia Justitia Omnibus Justice for All Latin Agosto 3, 1871 [11]
 Florida In God We Trust Ingles 1868 [12][N 3]
 Georgia Wisdom, justice, and moderation Ingles 1798 [14][15]
 Guam [16]
 Hawaii Ua mau ke ea o ka ʻāina i ka pono The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness. Hawayano Hulio 31, 1843 [17][18][N 4]
 Idaho Esto perpetua Let it be perpetual Latin 1890 [19]
 Illinois State sovereignty, national union Ingles 1819 [20]
 Indiana The Crossroads of America Ingles 1937 [21]
 Iowa Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain Ingles 1847 [22]
 Kansas Ad astra per aspera To the stars through difficulties Latin 1861 [23]
 Kentucky United we stand, divided we fall
Deo gratiam habeamus

Let us be grateful to God
 Louisiana Union, justice, confidence Ingles 1902 [25]
 Maine Dirigo I lead Latin 1820 [26]
 Maryland Fatti maschii, parole femine Manly deeds, womanly words Italiano 1874 [27][28]
 Massachusetts Ense petit placidam sub libertate quietem By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty Latin 1775 [29]
 Michigan Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam circumspice If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look around you Latin Hunio 2, 1835 [30][31]
 Minnesota L'étoile du Nord The star of the North Frances 1861 [32][N 5]
 Mississippi Virtute et armis By valor and arms Latin Pebrero 7, 1894 [33]
 Missouri Salus populi suprema lex esto Let the welfare of the people be the supreme law Latin Enero 11, 1822 [34]
 Montana Oro y plata Gold and silver Espaniol Pebrero 9, 1865 [35]
 Nebraska Equality before the law Ingles 1867 [36]
 Nevada All For Our Country Ingles Pebrero 24, 1866 [37][N 6]
 New Hampshire Live Free or Die Ingles 1945 [38]
 New Jersey Liberty and prosperity Ingles Marso 26, 1928 [39]
 New Mexico Crescit eundo It grows as it goes Latin 1887 [40][N 7]
 New York Excelsior Ever upward Latin 1778 [41]
 North Carolina Esse quam videri To be, rather than to seem Latin 1893 [42]
  North Dakota Liberty and union, now and forever, one and inseparable
Serit ut alteri saeclo prosit

One sows for the benefit of another age
Marso 11, 2011
 Northern Mariana Islands [45]
 Ohio With God, all things are possible Ingles Oktubre 1, 1959 [46][N 8]
 Oklahoma Labor omnia vincit Labor conquers all things Latin Marso 10, 1893 [48][N 9]
 Oregon Alis volat propriis She flies with her own wings Latin 1854 [51][N 10]
 Pennsylvania Virtue, Liberty, and Independence Ingles 1875 [52]
 Puerto Rico Joannes Est Nomen Ejus John is his name Latin 1511 [53][54][N 11]
 Rhode Island Hope Ingles 1644[55] ken babaen ti General Assembly idi Mayo 4, 1664 [56]
 South Carolina Dum spiro spero
Animis opibusque parati
While I breathe, I hope
Ready in soul and resource
Latin Mayo 22, 1777 [57]
 South Dakota Under God the people rule Ingles 1885 [58]
 Tennessee Agriculture and Commerce Ingles Mayo 24, 1802 [59][N 12]
 Texas Friendship Ingles 1930 [60]
 Utah Industry Ingles Mayo 3, 1896 [61][N 13]
 Vermont Freedom and Unity Ingles Pebrero 20, 1779 [63]
 Virginia Sic semper tyrannis Thus always to tyrants Latin 1776 [64]
 Virgin Islands United in Pride and Hope Ingles Enero 1, 1991 [65]
 Washington Al-ki By and by Chinook Jargon [66][N 14]
 West Virginia Montani semper liberi Mountaineers are always free Latin Septiembre 26, 1863 [67]
 Wisconsin Forward Ingles 1851 [68]
 Wyoming Equal Rights Ingles 1893 [69]

Dagiti paammo[urnosen | urnosen ti taudan]

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