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Modulo:Panagtengngel ti kategoria/datos

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-- This module assembles data to be passed to [[Modulo:Panagtengngel ti kategoria]] using
-- mw.loadData. This includes the configuration data and whether the current
-- page matches the title blacklist.

local data = require('Modulo:Panagtengngel ti kategoria/pannakaaramid')
local mShared = require('Modulo:Panagtengngel ti kategoria/bingayan')
local blacklist = require('Modulo:Panagtengngel ti kategoria/maiparit')
local title = mw.title.getCurrentTitle()

data.currentTitleMatchesBlacklist = mShared.matchesBlacklist(

data.currentTitleNamespaceParameters = mShared.getNamespaceParameters(

return data