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Plantilia:Ballaag ti patarus

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Greetings from Ilokano Wikipedia. You are creating pages or adding text, that are not written in Ilokano or mixed languages. They are unintelligible and hard to translate and they are not enough community members here to translate and do clean-ups for them. They will be classified and put in this category for a chance to be cleaned and translated. If they are not cleaned or translated, these will possibly be deleted under the deletion policy. Please refrain from creating such pages. If you want to request new or want articles translated in Ilokano please make your request here. If you want to experiment please use the sandbox. If you persist on creating such pages, this IP address or account will possibly be blocked. Thank you.

Dokumentasion ti plantilia


Ikabil daytoy a kas maysa a ballaag para kadagiti pagtungtungan a pampanid dagiti agar-aramat nga agar-aramid wenno agikabkabil kadagiti sabsabali wenno aglalaok a pagsasao.

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