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Note to template editors: Edits to the taxonomic terms (taxa) in this template depend for their effect in manual taxoboxes on the colour-determining taxon being at a rank allowed to change the taxobox colour by {{Taxobox}}, so this may need altering. Colours must be defined using the rgb(..,..,..) format to enable {{Sets taxobox colour}} to work correctly.


This template generates the appropriate colour for a taxobox.

It should only be used by other taxobox templates.

Use by taxonomy templates

Manual taxoboxes call this template from {{Taxobox}}, which looks at the values of ranks given in the taxobox from phylum upwards and uses the taxobox colour for the first colour-setting taxon found (or the error colour if none is found). {{Sets taxobox colour}} is used to decide whether a taxon is colour-setting, which it does by using this template.

Automated taxoboxes use a function in Modulo:Autotaxobox, which finds a colour-setting taxon by searching up the taxonomic hierarchy coded in taxonomy templates (i.e. templates with names of the form "Taxonomy/taxon-name").

Setting colour within a taxobox

Both manual and automatic taxoboxes usually generate their colours automatically. If this fails, or if for some reason the automatically generated colour should be over-ridden, |color_as= can be used to set the colour based on a supplied taxon. Thus:

| color_as = Animalia

within a taxobox forces its colour to be the one appropriate for animal taxoboxes. The taxon given as the value of |color_as= must be in the switch statement in this template. Thus |color_as=Felis fails and assigns the error colour.

Isbangan ti maris ti tasokaha

Animalia rgb(235,235,210)
Archaea rgb(195,245,250) dagiti pay Nanoarchaeota (Nanarchaeota), Korarchaeota, Thaumarchaeota, Crenarchaeota ken Euryarchaeota
Archaeplastida rgb(180,250,180) dagiti pay Plantae ken Viridiplantae
Bakteria rgb(220,235,245)
Eukaryota rgb(245,215,255) Para kadagiti eukaryota nga awanan iti sabali a naipalawag a maris, a mairaman ti Excavata, Amoebozoa ken Opisthokonta
Fungi rgb(145,250,250)
Ichnotaxa rgb(230,222,214)
incertae sedis rgb(250,240,230)
SAR rgb(200,250,80) ti pay Chromalveolata
Ootaxa rgb(250,250,220)
Dagiti birus rgb(250,250,190) dagiti pay Viroid

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