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(Naibaw-ing manipud iti Plantilia:X0)
Dokumentasion ti plantilia

This template does nothing—more precisely, it throws away its parameters and outputs the null string.

It is useful for programming advanced templates, and is often is used within a template to the right of an equals sign. It may also be used in a template to disambiguate parsing of braces.

It can also be used to temporarily disable code, and unlike "commenting out" with <!-- -->, it nests. This means that {{void|foo {{void|bar}} baz}} is valid, whereas <!-- foo <!-- bar --> baz --> will produce baz -->.

Dagiti alternatibo[urnosen ti taudan]

{{Null}} redirects here. It's also possible to use {{ns:0}}, the empty/void/null string for the main namespace.

It can be used in place of <nowiki/> to break character sequence parsing, for example {{nowrap|{''a''}{{null}}}} to force the first closing brace to be treated as part of the template parameter instead of as the end of the template expression.

A template to show the null string

Dagiti parametro ti plantilia[Agtaripato iti TemplateData]

Awan dagiti nainaganan a parametro

Kitaen pay[urnosen ti taudan]

  • Plantilia:Text - a template that just displays its first parameter unchanged.
  • Dagiti baw-ing − no adda, dagiti sabali a nagan daytoy a plantilia a mabalin a mausar