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Ti 1979 ket maysa a kadawyan a tawen a nangrugi iti aldaw ti Lunes iti kalendario a Gregoriano (dominikal a letra G).

Paspasamak[urnosen | urnosen ti taudan]

Naipasngay[urnosen | urnosen ti taudan]

Marso[urnosen | urnosen ti taudan]

Adam Levine

Hunio[urnosen | urnosen ti taudan]

Chris Pratt

Pimmusay[urnosen | urnosen ti taudan]

Enero[urnosen | urnosen ti taudan]

Nelson Rockefeller
Mary Pickford

Hunio[urnosen | urnosen ti taudan]

John Wayne

Adu pay a mabasbasa[urnosen | urnosen ti taudan]

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  • Facts on File. Facts on File Yearbook: 1979 (1980) weekly factual report on events worldwide.
  • Hodson, H.V. Annual Register of World Events 1979 (1980), in-depth coverage of major countries
  • Paxton, John, ed. Statesman's Yearbook 1978–1979 (1980), statistical details on all countries

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